Apple is temporarily closing all remaining Apple stores in the UK

Apple is temporarily closing all remaining Apple stores in the UK

Apple has closed a lot of retail stores as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to peak – On December 20, It has temporarily closed every site in California, Mexico, Brazil and more than a dozen sites in London. Now, with the entry of England and Scotland Husband From New national lockdownsApple is closing all of its remaining stores in the UK.

Such as 9to5MacMichael Stepper reports, This means that an additional 18 stores are now closed across the UK, including several in Scotland and one in Belfast, Ireland – although it appears that the Belfast store may already be closed. (Northern Ireland has been locked down even earlierOn December 26, all non-essential stores are closed.)

While it is helpful to note the closures, they might not make much of a difference to the more shoppers, who haven’t actually been able to actually enter many of these stores since November. That’s when Apple Only express service started In many of these stores. You would be able to receive orders online, but not browse.

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