Ray Fisher cut out from the DC movie The Flash Walter Hamada Essay

Ray Fisher cut out from the DC movie The Flash Walter Hamada Essay

distance He publicly pledged that he would never work with DC Films president Walter HamadehRay Fisher confirmed that Warner Bros. I removed it from the cast of the upcoming DC movie, Sparkle. In a lengthy post on social media on Wednesday, January 13th, Fisher went into exhausting details about his removal from the film. His most famous long battle is with WarnerMediaAnd, in particular, his negative experience with Hamada.

After revealing that he will no longer appear as a cyborg in the upcoming movieAnd the Fischer said that while “I strongly disagree with their decision,” it is ultimately “not surprising.” Fisher participated in an investigation with DC parent company WarnerMedia following his indictment Director Joss Whedon From Alleged “abusive behavior” And the Racism On a bunch of remakes of Justice Squad. In his post, Fisher accuses Hamada of spreading lies and misinformation about Fisher, intentionally and attempting to “undermine” Justice Squad Investigation, in order to protect his friend, former co-president Geoff Jones. ”Jones has since left Warner Bros.

Fisher goes on to provide a detailed description of how Hamadeh tried to reduce the misconduct situation in order to protect his colleagues and himself, ultimately claiming that Hamada was unfit to serve as head of the capital. Fisher wrote: “I insist that Walter Hamadeh is unfit for a leadership position – and I am willing, at any time, to take a polygraph test to support my claims against him.” “I don’t know how many cases of workplace abuse Walter has tried to cover up in the past, but I hope it is Justice Squad The investigation will be the last. ” Fisher ends his arm with the following quote from Emmet Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley, A small nod to his next art project where he will play Jane Mobley in the ABC series Movement women: “You reach a point in life where you simply have to take a stand.” You can read Fisher’s full statement below.

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