The Browns facility remains closed as it awaits COVID-19 test results and further contact tracing

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CLEVELAND, OH – The Browns facility remains closed this morning while they await COVID-19 test results and continue to conduct contact tracing from their five positive tests on Tuesday.

The club will nearly continue operating until they get the green light to open up their reserves as they prepare for the Wildcard playoff game Sunday night against the Steelers.

Kevin Stefansky and left goalkeeper Joel Bitonio were among the five who tested positive for the virus on Tuesday and must stay out of the match. The others are recipient Jodaryl Hodge, coach Drew Betsing and full-back defender Jeff Howard.

They join six other players and three other coaches as well, in reserve for COVID-19 or in isolation due to the virus.

Browns’ JC Tretter Center, president of NFLPA, acknowledged in a videoconference Tuesday that the NFL and its partners were still trying to make sure the club’s facility was safe and not the cause of the recent positives.

“We have our own employees and NFL employees as well as third-party contact tracing tools (we do all this work now and find out where this virus comes from, and how it is transmitted, in addition to considering the high risks close by,” Tritter said, “Another thing to talk about with parties Close contact is high risk, what we found when you talk about close contacts, the CDC has a definition is that as the year has passed, we find that some people are still slipping through the holes with that definition, which is why we came up with high-risk close contact where instead of From just looking at a distance of six feet for 15 minutes cumulative.

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“We really look at the type of reaction that has happened and no type of reaction is the same, but we make better judgments by knowing what exactly happened, and how dangerous this interaction is, while we discover how the virus is transmitted and it is likely that it is at increased risk of contracting the virus while we do,” So this process is still ongoing, so this is something we have to know for the next couple of days or maybe even tonight by the time the operation is over. ”

If any players or coaches are considered high-risk contacts, they can play in the match Sunday night provided that five days have passed since they were exposed to a positive individual.

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